Galvalume Coated Steel Coil

Al-Zn Alloy Coated Steel with Good Corrosion and Heat Resistance

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Galvalume Coated Steel Coil

Being made with aluminum, zinc and silicon in high temperature, galvalume coated steel coil comes with physical and electrochemical protection, superior durability as well as anti-fingerprint performance. Due to its special crystal structure, it is resistant to corrosion. Besides, it is weatherproof and can be used for over 20 years without maintenance even being applied to the hostile environment such as direct sunlight, temperature stress and corrosion from industrial waste. Our product is 0.30 to 0.8mm in thickness and the width could be 1000, 1219 or 1250 mm according to the raw materials. Aluzinc or galvalume steel sheet in coil is mainly applicable for architecture, household appliances, automobile and industrial instrument.

• Construction Industry: Steel Roof Steel, Exterior Wall Panel, Garage Doors, Fences, Shutters.
• Appliance Industry: Oven, Air Conditioning and Ventilation System Cover, Solar Water Heaters, Electrical Components.
• Automotive Industry: Car Muffler and Catalytic Converter Heat Shield, Underbody Auto Parts, Road Signage.
• Industrial Instrumentation: Control Cabinet, Industrial Freezer, Automatic Vending Machine

1. Compared to galvanized steel sheet, galvalume coated steel coil won't discolor or deform even in the high temperature of 315 ℃.
2. Up to 75% heat reflectivity which is 2 times than galvanized steel has, allows it to be heat proof.
3. Excellent in adhesion with coating layer and paint, it is easily painted without pretreatment or weathering process.
4. Its processed and welded capability is equal to galvanized steel sheet, which could be processed by cold bending, casting and the like.
5. Our product is beautiful in appearance and can be used directly without painting.

As a China-based manufacturer of galvalume coated steel coil, we also offer welded square steel tube , cold rolled steel strip, hot rolled steel wire rod, and hot rolled steel flat bar, among others.

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