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Electrical Steel Coil

Electrical steel coil contains 0.5% to 3.0% silicon. Electrical steel coil with thickness 0.5mm is once formed through cold rolling the 2 to 3mm thick hot rolled coil which has already been chemically cleaned with acid. Plus a complete set of advanced equipments are adopted for the production. Therefore, our product comes with smooth surface and even thickness. When applied to motors and transformers, it not only can help save electricity, also can extend the machines' lifespan and simplify the cooling device. If motors and transformers have constant power, it needs less silicon steel, thus saving the manufacturing cost. In addition, featuring high magnetic induction, the sheet steel coil can reduce the ferrite core loss.

Model (Mark) H50W470/H50W600/H50W1300/H50W800
Size 0.5X1200, 0.5X1150, 0.65x1200
Thickness 0.5mm
Width 1010-1200mm
Coating H5
Weight 5t±0.5 per coil
Annual Output 200,000ton

• Electrical Appliance Manufacturing
• Steel for Industrial Motor
• Transformer Steel

We are an experienced electrical steel coil manufacturer, based in China. We offer a variety of products, including steel coil, hot rolled steel wire rod, cold rolled steel strip, and more.

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